Our pub socials - a great way to make friends!

Pastoral Care

Dorset Humanists aims to be a caring community. We are aware that many people struggle with loneliness, depression, and other difficulties.

Whilst we do not have the resources to solve all of these problems, there are some things we can do.

We can help to address loneliness through social contact and opportunities for friendship facilitated by our stimulating events programme which includes pub socials, walks, occasional lunches, evening courses, and our regular speaker events. There’s a café at Moordown Community Centre and a bar at the Green House Hotel. We encourage our members to socialise and to welcome newcomers.

Sometimes, people need someone to talk to about a particular problem. Whilst we do not currently offer a fully-fledged counselling service, some of our members are qualified counsellors and can be contacted for a confidential chat.

We may be able to offer help with practical things like getting a lift to a meeting or sending a card to someone in hospital.

Please let us know how we can help.

Our pastoral care team members are:

Cathy Silman ‒ Secretary of Dorset Humanists and a Citizens’ Advice Bureaux advisor. Mobile: 07817 695615

Susan Bryson ‒ A member of Dorset Humanists committee and an experienced therapeutic counsellor. Mobile: 07980 276234

David Warden – Chairman of Dorset Humanists and a qualified therapeutic counsellor. Email: chairman@dorsethumanists.co.uk Mobile: 07910 886629

Richard Jones Dip BSc Msc – A practising Gestalt and integrative counsellor/psychotherapist who is studying for his Level 7 clinical supervision qualification. Richard specialises in counselling for the LGBT plus community and working with clients with Autism and on the ‘spectrum’. Email: jones.rich693@gmail.com Mobile: 07434 770963

Why not join our pastoral team? If you have relevant skills, experience, or resources and would like to join or help our pastoral team please contact any one of us.


Non-religious pastoral care network http://nrpsn.org.uk/

Faith to Faithless – a support network for people leaving or considering leaving their religion https://humanism.org.uk/community/faith-to-faithless/