Most of us want to celebrate important events in our lives such as births, marriages and partnerships, as well as to commemorate people we have loved when they die. It’s important that we are able to mark these occasions with honesty, warmth and affection, using words and music appropriate to the lives and the people involved.

For those of us without religious beliefs, Humanist celebrants are available to plan your ceremony in close consultation with you to make sure it’s exactly what you and your family want. Click here for more information about Humanist ceremonies.

Dorset Humanists’ celebrant partners

Our BHA Accredited celebrant partners are Simon Bull from Bournemouth, and David Hewitt from Christchurch. David and Simon both offer the full range of non-religious ceremonies including weddings, funerals and baby-namings. Between them they are available to conduct ceremonies across the South-West including Bournemouth, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Poole, Southampton, Wiltshire and elsewhere by arrangement. Their contact details are available on their respective webpages at:

http://humanist.org.uk/davidhewitt and




David Hewitt writes, “A Humanist wedding ceremony is focused not on God, but on you as a couple, and the family and friends you will gather around you, to share in and witness your public statement of commitment to each other. The ceremonies I conduct are very flexible and can be as simple or as elaborate, in venues as formal or unusual, as you wish. Having met with you to understand more about you both as individuals and as a couple, I will write and lead a ceremony that is meaningful and dignified, yet warm and romantic and above all personal, reflecting your hopes and aspirations for a stable, lifelong relationship together”

Funerals and Memorial Services

As human beings we’re all different and we all believe different things… but one thing we can all believe is that every life is special; every person matters. So a funeral ceremony must be proper and appropriate, both for the person who has died and for those who have loved them. The death of someone close to us is really an intensely private affair. And yet it is at this very time, when we feel at our least rational and capable, that we have to create exactly the right farewell; because this will be our only chance to do so. Whatever the circumstances, a Humanist ceremony can provide just that, and our Humanist celebrants will help you design a unique and fitting tribute for the crematorium, or burial location of your choice. The ceremony can be as grand or as simple as you wish, and may also be held in a hall, hotel or other non-religious venue.  We are always prepared to visit you at home at a time convenient to you, and we’re also happy to help you make an informed choice for the future, or just answer your questions.


Baby Namings

Simon Bull says, “as I father I understand the importance of family and of celebrating the arrival of children. There’s no set script for a humanist naming ceremony – it’s too personal an occasion for that. Instead, every naming is tailored to meet the particular family’s requirements. Working with you I will craft a ceremony that is right for your child(ren) and for your family. Naming ceremonies are not just for babies, indeed many take place on first birthdays or later. It is not unusual to have double or even triple ceremonies where older siblings are celebrated along with more recent arrivals.

Further Information

For more general information about Humanist Ceremonies, or to find a celebrant outside of the Bournemouth and New Forest areas, please contact Simon Bull or David Hewitt or visit https://humanism.org.uk/ceremonies/.