Humanist Event

What to expect when attending one of our events

Everyone is welcome to attend our events and we hope that you will be welcomed by a member of our events team – look out for anyone wearing a name badge lanyard. Please also pick up a welcome pack with information about Dorset Humanists.

The usual format is a talk followed by questions and answers. Attendances vary between 25 and 80 people. Depending on the venue, we then either break for tea and coffee, or for drinks in a hotel bar. We hope you will find the event interesting and the people friendly. You can leave feedback about the event on our ‘Meetup’ site.

Once a month on a Saturday we meet at Moordown Community Centre, and once a month on a Wednesday evening we meet at the Orchid Hotel in Gervis Road, Bournemouth. If you prefer, you can come along to one of our pub socials or Dorset walks. See ‘events’ for more details.

Talk topics include science, philosophy, psychology, ethics, economics, politics, history, the environment, humanism, secularism…. The list is endless!

Entry to most events is free unless otherwise stated. We ask for a voluntary donation of around £3.00 to help with our expenses.

Our regular venues are accessible to wheelchair users.

Parking is available at our venues but best to arrive in good time.

Where to find our events?

All of our events are posted to Meetup.


Feedback from Kathryn, New York

I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the wonderful world of humanists! For those I didn’t get an opportunity to meet, I was travelling through Dorset on a three-month trip from Australia. In Australia, I was a regular attendee of ‘Sunday Assembly’ but for some reason I had never heard of the humanist movement. I attended all the Dorset Humanist events I could while I was there: a great walk, talks, and even Cafe Philo and Skeptics in the Pub. It felt like I had finally found ‘my type of people’. I am now tracking down humanist events everywhere I go. I will attend a “Studying Humanism” meeting in New York and have already joined the humanists in Sydney and Adelaide via Meet-up. I hope they are somewhat similar to Dorset Humanists. You have set a high bar.