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  • Dorset Humanists Event opens at 1.30pm for friendly chat. Talk starts at 2.00pm. Click the link or input ID and passcode:Meeting ID: 812 2074 3954Passcode: 795881 Along with humanists all over the world, we celebrate Darwin Day every year to honour the life and work of naturalist Charles Darwin, born on 12th February 1809. This year we are delighted to welcome our special guest speaker, retired BBC reporter Adam Mynott. Adam is not a professional psychologist but an 'interested amateur'. Evolutionary Psychology is a relatively new academic study that examines how human behaviour has been adapted over millennia by natural […]
  • Dorset Humanists The Bournemouth and Poole Holocaust Memorial Day Committee invites you to their annual Holocaust Memorial Day event on Sunday January 24th at 3.00-4.15. The theme for HMD 2021 is ‘Be a Light in the Darkness’. We will start with an Act of Commemoration during which we will be asking you to light a small candle from the comfort of your home to ‘Be a Light in the Darkness’. We will be hearing from John Corben, Chair of the Trevor Chadwick Trust who will be telling us about an local unsung hero, Trevor Chadwick, and his pivotal role in […]
  • Dorset Humanists Join us online for friendly chat from 7.00pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm.Meeting ID: 890 0410 9135Passcode: 385755 A talk by Jamie Woodhouse. Sentientism is a philosophy that grants degrees of moral consideration to all sentient beings. In Jamie’s view, most humanists needlessly consume products that require the harming and killing of sentient non-human animals – implying that, in terms of their actual choices, they do not grant them a meaningful level of moral consideration. Humanism tends to consider humans only as moral agents or subjects. So, in his view, Humanism needs an upgrade. Anthropomorphism limits us and our […]