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  • Dorset Humanists Pour your own cuppa, click the link on the right, and say hello! You may like to suggest conversation topics in the chat function on the day or below in advance. Meeting ID: 893 2858 0356Passcode: 152980 We really want to stay in touch so we hope to see you. Just drop in and say hi and tell us how you're doing. David 07910 886629 Bournemouth, – United Kingdom Tuesday, April 20 at 11:00 AM 8
  • Dorset Humanists Join us at 7.30pm or later for friendly social chat. Newcomers welcome and you can stay for as long as you like. Click the link on the right or input meeting ID plus password: Meeting ID: 847 5988 3137Passcode: 487732 To fill up a bit of lockdown time and give us something extra to chat about for 10 minutes or so we thought we'd do a film club. An easily accessible film that we can watch beforehand and talk about. You don't have to watch it and we won't be chatting about it all night so don't worry […]
  • Dorset Humanists Join us on Zoom from 7.00pm for friendly meet and greet. Talk starts at 7.30pm. Meeting ID: 829 5913 1088 Passcode: 285205 or click the link. A talk by Greg Atkins: "More than a year ago, at the start of the first lockdown, I described the properties of a new virus, which appeared the previous December. Since then, more than 120,000 people have died in the UK from this infection, the fifth highest in the world per capita population, and the highest in Europe in 2020. At the time of writing, a third wave has started in Europe […]
  • Dorset Humanists Join us on Zoom from 1.30pm for friendly meet and greet. Talk starts at 2pm. Meeting ID: 833 5654 3947Passcode: 473664 “Identity politics has failed us – it’s time for better ideas”. The Equiano Project, founded in August 2020, is a forum for debate, discussion and ideas. It facilitates conversations about and promotes the values of freedom, humanism and universalism. Founder of the project Inaya Folarin Iman explains that the political ideology known as ‘identity politics’ has not brought about a more cohesive and tolerant society, but instead, has brought deeper division and social conflict. She says ‘It’s […]
  • Dorset Humanists Join us for friendly meet and greet from 7.00pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm. Zoom Meeting ID: 848 9676 9637Passcode: 876406 Humanist Global Charity, founded in 2015, is a humanist charity based in California which works throughout the world. Our speaker Dan Beaton is a staff member. He will introduce the work of the organisation and the work he does teaching critical thinking, sexual health and nutrition.  Dan studied philosophy to MA level at the University of Birmingham. He lives with his partner in London and they had the first humanist wedding in East Africa.    Steven Pinker and […]