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  • Dorset Humanists Nine miles of rugged costal walking with stunning terrain and picturesque views looking out across the Dorset mainland, the Isle of Portland and the world-famous Chesil Beach. This walk starts from DT5 2EN New Ground Road carpark, the first car park coming from the Heights Hotel direction. This is free parking, and for those arriving early toilets are in the hotel. It's a bit of a faff getting there and back from the car park, so leave extra time if you need a visit beforehand. The safety brief starts at 10:15 and we will head off at 10:30am. […]
  • Dorset Humanists Dorset Humanists was launched on 22nd November 1996 at Beaufort Centre, Southbourne, by humanist celebrant Tony Tiffany (1940-2015) and we’re still here 25 years later! 15 people turned up on that original occasion – including Jeff and Christine Goodwin and Liliane Apers who are still members today. We now have 180 members and we are recognised as one of the most successful and active humanist groups in the country. Please celebrate with us! We’ve organised a great night for you with a very lively local band, the Mother Ukers. There will be a drinks reception on arrival and […]
  • Dorset Humanists A talk by Alexander Lucie-Smith Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225 – 1274) is an enduring influence on western civilisation, though his pervasive influence is little acknowledged. In this talk, Alexander Lucie-Smith aims to show how some of Aquinas’s thought remains part of our cultural heritage, and how, conversely, much of his subtlety has been short-circuited by subsequent generations, with catastrophic effect. In particular, he intends to look at how Aquinas defined law and natural law, and how, contrary to widely held popular belief, he never set out to prove the existence of God. He will also try and show […]