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  • Dorset Humanists Join us online for friendly chat from 7.00pm. Talk starts at 7.30pm.Meeting ID: 890 0410 9135Passcode: 385755 A talk by Jamie Woodhouse. Sentientism is a philosophy that grants degrees of moral consideration to all sentient beings. In Jamie’s view, most humanists needlessly consume products that require the harming and killing of sentient non-human animals – implying that, in terms of their actual choices, they do not grant them a meaningful level of moral consideration. Humanism tends to consider humans only as moral agents or subjects. So, in his view, Humanism needs an upgrade. Anthropomorphism limits us and our […]
  • Dorset Humanists Join us for informal festive cheer on Zoom from 1.30pm. Talk starts at 2.00pm. Meeting ID: 892 3575 9989Passcode: 156121 A talk by Andy Thomas Christmas has a longer and deeper history beyond the reach of modern cynicism. It is a festival that is hardwired into us. Festivals once gave important structure to civilisation, and their diminishment has perhaps diminished us too. Yet, for Westerners, regardless of religion, Christmas is the one that has somehow retained its scale and key place in our busy schedules, continuing to joyfully disrupt normal life once a year. There must be reasons […]
  • Dorset Humanists Join us on Zoom from 7.00pm for friendly chat. Talk starts at 7.30pm. Meeting ID: 890 4718 0921Passcode: 252279 A talk by astronomer Bob Mizon MBE FRAS Comets in History – a parade of some of the brightest comets of the last two thousand years. Attitudes to comets have progressed through history from terror and superstition to the realisation that they may have delivered to our planet most of the water from which the oceans, the raindrops and our very bodies are made. Bob Mizon is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and co-ordinator of the Commission […]