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  • Dorset Humanists Dorset Humanists Choir, also known as the Hawkridge Singers, is meeting to practise some seasonal songs for an informal performance at our December event on Saturday 11th December. If you enjoy singing why not join us? There is no audition. Just turn up and join in! Leave a comment if you need any further information. Bournemouth BH9 1TB – United Kingdom Tuesday, October 26 at 7:30 PM 3
  • Dorset Humanists Please support David Warden and Lyn Glass who have been invited by the Mayor of Bournemouth Cllr David Kelsey to take part in the Bournemouth Remembrance Service. We are one of the few humanist groups in the UK who take an active role in our town's annual commemoration. We represent Defence Humanists and non-religious people in the armed forces. Meet near the War Memorial Steps, near the Town Hall. The service starts at 10.55am. We are also planning to lay a wreath at the Poole Remembrance Service. Bournemouth BH2 6DY – United Kingdom Sunday, November 14 at 10:55 […]
  • Dorset Humanists This is a Gloucester Humanists online event. Issues of identity loom large in our world today, as a rallying call in fights against oppression and as source of division and conflict. Why does identity matter so much and does it matter too much? In this talk, Julian will set out some of the philosophical foundations of identity. He will explain how misunderstanding the true diverse nature of identity causes myriad problems and demonstrate how a proper understanding of identity can help us to avoid them. Dr. Julian Baggini is Academic Director at The Royal Institute of Philosophy. He […]
  • Dorset Humanists A talk by John Hubbard Dorset's villages are famed, not only for the intriguing variety of their names such as Toller Porcorum and Fifehead Neville, but also for the attractiveness of their numerous smaller buildings. In this talk John will explore the influences of period, locality and landowners on the style and construction of these rural communities and reflect on their architectural and social history and current and future development. He will take us on a tour of the county from north to south and east to west, focusing on individual villages and their distinctive characteristics. John Hubbard […]
  • Dorset Humanists Dorset Humanists was launched on 22nd November 1996 at Beaufort Centre, Southbourne, by humanist celebrant Tony Tiffany (1940-2015) and we’re still here 25 years later! 15 people turned up on that original occasion – including Jeff and Christine Goodwin and Liliane Apers who are still members today. We now have 180 members and we are recognised as one of the most successful and active humanist groups in the country. Please celebrate with us! We’ve organised a great night for you with a very lively local band, the Mother Ukers. There will be a drinks reception on arrival and […]